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Sizing a lampshade to fit your lamp is not as difficult as it might seem. Simply follow the easy instructions below, and you'll be able to order a great looking new lampshade that will fit your lamp perfectly.

  • Lampshades are measured and sized according to:
    1. width across the top
    2. width across the bottom
    3. height down the side (slant)
    For example, 10" top, 16" bottom, 12" side.
    The measurements on our site are displayed TOP X BOTTOM X SIDE.
    • The width across the bottom is what is referred to as the lampshade size. So a shade with the example measurements above would be referred to as a 16" shade.

    • The vertical height is approximately 1" less than the slant


    • The shade is normally 40% of the total height of the lamp, from the top of the slant to the bottom of the lamp.

      If you have an existing shade and want a similar one, simply measure it and find our shade with a similar measurement.

    • If the measurements are not exactly the same as your shade, the height is the most important size to match with your existing shade.

    • If you do not have an existing shade or simply want something different in style and/or size, measure from the top of the lamp's harp to just below the socket in which the bulb fits. Then match it to the height of a shade on our site.

    Choosing the Correct Fitter
    There are five distinct ways nearly all lampshades fit onto a lamp, using three varieties of fitters:

    Spider Fitter

    Washer (Spider)
    This is the most common lamp fitter. The washer fit (1/2" ring) will fit on one of the following settings:

    • Most table lamps use a harp to hold the shade, then allowing a finial to be screwed on top. Click here to purchase a lampshade harp.

    • Many floor lamps and some desk and table lamps have a vertical rod (1/2" wide) on which the shade rests.

    • Some floor lamps or table lamps have a white globe (measuring 6" - 10" across the top). The shade will simply sit on top of the globe. The shade will have notches in the wire to keep it from sliding out of place.

    Unless otherwise noted (ie., uno), all of our lampshades larger than 10" use a washer style fitter. The spider on all of these styles of lampshades, unless specifically noted, is approximately 1/2" below the top of the shade.

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    Clip On Lamp Shade
    Clip Fitter
    Lamp Shade Clip Fitters

    The standard bulb clip is used predominantly on smaller table lamps. All of our shades may be made into bulb clips at your request. You may purchase a bulb clip adapter here.

    The candelabra bulb clip fits chandeliers and wall sconces (using 4", 5", and 6" shades).

    NOTE: Any shade with a washer fitter can be modified to use a clip fitter.

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    Uno Fitter

    This shade has a 1" ring with inner threads which screw onto the lamp socket, and is used mostly on antique floor lamps.

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    Points to Remember

    1. Most lamps will accomodate a different style or size lampshade than what was on it when you purchased or acquired it.

    2. A different size harp, or the addition of a screw-on extender to the harp, can help make your new shade fit even better.

    3. If you have any questions about style, size, or fitter please give us a call.

    4. Also don't hesitate to ask for our assistance in choosing a great looking new shade for your lamp.

    5. And don't forget that Brown's Lampshades has thousands of lampshades to choose from that are not on our web site. Please call if you are having trouble finding a particular shade.

    6. Our toll-free number is 1-317-908-1396, please ask for David.

    Satisfaction Guarantee

    1. Brown's Lampshades is a 62-year-old family business located in Zionsville, Indiana, just north of Indianapolis. We specialize in lighting and home furnishings, and have been selling lampshades for over 40 years. We know lampshades and are confident we can help you pick out the perfect shade.

    2. We guarantee that one of our lampshades will greatly enhance the look of your lamp and improve the decor of your home.

    3. All of our shades are of the highest quality and will last for many years.

    4. We feel so strongly that you will love your new lampshade from Brown's Lampshades that we offer a 100% money back guarantee on any lampshade purchased from us, no questions asked.